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About Us

StayRunners: On-Demand Delivery Service Provider

StayRunners is an on-demand delivery service provider that delivers whatever, wherever, and whenever you want. We are covering various cities in Canada - Vancouver, Victoria, and Whistler, and in Mexico -Tulum, and Puerto-Vallarta.

At StayRunners, we offer a range of late-night delivery services, including food delivery, drinks delivery, grocery delivery, and various other items delivered 24/7 to your door.

The main motive of establishing StayRunners is to solve the quick demands of customers in the local markets. We believe in delivering the best possible experience for all our customers. Moreover, we provide people with a new way to earn, work, and live their life in a much better way.

We are committed to connecting hungry diners with local restaurants. Now, your favourite restaurants and convenient stores are right at your fingertips. StayRunners is the best platform to satisfy your cravings and connect you with your favourite places to get what you want.

We are on a mission to deliver quality items and services beyond the convenience that brings something amazing to your day. You just require quickly ordering your desired food, beverage, or grocery, everything will be right to your door in a short time. We help you save time while enjoying your favourite food from the restaurant we pick and deliver to your office or home.

Our runners are always ready to serve you for one or another delivery service. So, let’s order online your favourite items or desired services and make things easier for you.

We strive to get your items delivered in as little time as possible.

Book your ride service as well

Apart from food and drinks delivery service, we also offer rides, tours, rentals, whatever you are looking for on your trip to a specific location. Simply book your service and our runners are committed to making your journey smooth, safe, and memorable.

We do not just deliver items and services; we also focus on delivering happiness and satisfaction to our customers.

Make your life easier with StayRunners delivery service

For partners, StayRunners provides an innovative customer-focused solution to reach the maximum customers and enhance their business to the next level. Now, they have a great opportunity to open the doors for the entire city and increase the revenue.

Use StayRunners to get anything delivered 24/7!